Iguassu 500 & Ice

with ice $72.00/Month
Iguassu 700

Our bottleless Iguassu 500 freestanding cooler is your source of on-demand hot, cold, and ambient filtered water. The external, sleek design and touch sensors will compliment any home or office, while internally harnessing the power of a high-quality reverse osmosis system.

Our Unlimited Drinking Water service is included, which means we’ll routinely replace the filters and inspect the machine at no additional cost! We also monitor water quality in your area and make the necessary adjustments so you never have to worry about contaminants in your water.

Service Includes

  • Custom Solution

    Your system and plan will be customized so you’re drinking the highest quality water regardless of where it came from.

  • New Filters

    Scheduled visits will be made to test your water, replace filters, and check the health of the system. All included at no additional cost.

  • Installation

    Our experienced service team will have your pure water running in no time. (One time cost of $195.00)

  • Defective Part Replacement

    Our service team is on standby to make sure your system is working properly, all the time.

  • Free Relocation Service

    As long as it is in our service area, we’ll reinstall your system in your new home. (First time is free and $50 thereafter)

System Features

  • Bottleless System

    No bottles means no heavy lifting, no unnecessary deliveries, and more space in your home.

  • Four-Step Filtration

    Our high quality filters have been rigorously tested to provide the best possible drinking water.

  • Separate Tubing

    Independent water hoses means that your hot water stays hot and your cold water stays cold.

  • Integrated Ice Maker

    Away from all the other content in your freezer, the dedicated compact ice maker creates pure and odorless ice.

  • Touch Sensor

    New refined touch sensors replace buttons for a sleek and elegant design.

  • Safety Mode

    Smart lock functions help prevent accidentally dispensing hot water, especially in homes with children.


  • Dimensions

    11.6W x 15.1D x 46.1H

  • Product Weight

    67 lbs.
    78.2 lbs. (with ice)

  • Rated Voltage

    AC 110V/60Hz

  • Power Consumption

    Cold Water 120W
    Cold Water 105W (with ice)

  • Storage House

    Ambient 1.8 Gallons
    Hot 0.4 Gallons
    Cold 0.8 Gallons

    Ambient 1.6 Gallons
    Hot 0.4 Gallons
    Cold 0.6 Gallons
    Ice 2.6 lbs

  • Colors

    Black / Wine
    Black / Wine / Ivory (with ice)


Iguassu 500


Iguassu 500 with Ice



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