Puroné R.O.

Puroné R.O.

Our Unlimited Drinking Water service includes a customized filtration system and ongoing filter changes for your home or office. Tap water can vary (even in the same building!) so we tailor a solution specific to you needs. We continuously monitor water quality and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you always have an uninterrupted flow of clean water.

The Purone system is our signature 5-step reverse osmosis system. Perfected over 25 years of service, each part has been carefully selected and rigorously tested for durability and performance. Our wide range of filters will effectively remove all harmful contaminants including sediment particles, molecular compounds, and waterborne diseases.

Service Includes

  • Custom Solution

    Your system and plan will be customized so you’re drinking the highest quality water regardless of where it came from.

  • New Filters

    Scheduled visits will be made to test your water, replace filters, and check the health of the system. All included at no additional cost.

  • Total Refresh

    Every three to five years, we’ll replace your entire system. New tank, new filters, new spout.

  • Installation

    Our experienced service team will have your pure water running in no time.

  • Defective Part Replacement

    Our service team is on standby to make sure your system is working properly, all the time.

  • Free Relocation Service

    As long as it is in our service area, we’ll reinstall your system in your new home.

System Features

  • Bottleless System

    No bottles means no heavy lifting, no unnecessary deliveries, and more space in your home.

  • Five-Step Filtration

    Our high quality filters have been rigorously tested to provide the best possible drinking water.

  • No Power Consumption

    Our system relies solely on water pressure to purify all your drinking water.

  • Refrigerator Connection

    Extend your reach by hooking up our system to your refrigerator for cold water and ice.

  • Gallons upon Gallons

    With up to ~50 gallons per day, you’ll have more than enough pure water to wash produce, cook meals, and brew the freshest coffee and teas.

  • Water in Style

    We pair all our systems with a beautiful spout that will complement your kitchen.


  • Dimensions

    Machine 14W x 7D x 17H
    Tank 8.5W x 10D x 20H

  • Product Weight

    Unit 12.5 lbs
    Tank 12 lbs

  • Temperature

    Ambient / Cold (Refrigerator)

  • Power Consumption


  • Storage House

    Ambient 2.5 Gallons

  • Colors

    Spout - Chrome / Brushed

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